Tuesday 22 December 2020

7. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life


7. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life



I. Give answer to these questions in approximately 1-15 words.

1. What do you understand by natural vegetation?

2. In how many types natural vegetation can be divided?

3. Which are the goods we get from forests?

4. How do the forest help us indirectly?

5. What will be the effect of the development of forests?

6. How man is disturbing the ecological balance?

7. Name the local names of Tropical Grasslands.

8. Write about the vegetation of cold deserts.

II. Answer the following questions in about 50-60 words.

1.  Write about the equatorial type of forest.

2. Which are the forests that are economically useful? Explain.

3. Why are the monsoon forests called deciduous forests.

4. Write about the temperate grasslands.

5. Write about the hot desert vegetation.

6. Why is it necessary to conserve forests?

 III. Answer the following questions in about 125-130 words.

1. Write in detail about the natural vegetation.

2. Write about the care and protection of wild animals Describe the role of wild animals in ecological balance.

IV. Show the following on the world map

1. Sahara desert vegetation

2. Llanos Grasslands

3. Pampas Grasslands

4. Selwas Forests



Prepare a list of various types of trees grown in your school compound. Plant a few sapplings also, with help of your teacher.