Tuesday 22 December 2020

Lesson- 1. Environment


Lesson- 1. Environment


1. Write down the answers of the following questions in approximately 1-15 words:

i. What do you understand by environment?

ii. How many types of environment are there? Give brief account

 iii. By which name we call the sphere that is product of interaction of three spheres, write in brief.

 iv. Which are the main spheres of environment?

v. What do you mean by the changing environment?

vi. How do man affects environment?

vii. Write down the names of layers of the earth.

ii. Fill in the blanks:

i. Environment has been divided in---------- spheres.

 ii. The SIAL layer of the earth is made up of the material which is rich in and----------.

 iii. NiFe is made up of the material which is rich in and ---------- elements.

iv. The different types of species of animals is known as ----------.

 v. ---------- portion of Earth has been covered by hydrosphere.


Make a list of factors which has effect over environment.