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12. Political Developments in South India 128 (A.D. 700 - 1200)


12. Political Developments in South India 128 (A.D. 700 - 1200)



I. Answer the following questions:

1. Which rulers of Cholas dynasty again emerged as Cholas Kingdom?

2. Which rulers were defeated by Rajraja-I and he captured their territories?

3. Write about the important conquests of Rajender Chola.

4. What do you know about the Chola administration?

5. Which type of agrarian was developed in Tamil Nadu?

6. Which languages were developed during the Cholas reign?

7. Which religion was very famous during the Chola reign?






II. Fill in the blanks

 1. Pallava rulers made---- their capital.

2. Marco Polo visited the ------kingdom.

3. Rajendra Chola took the title of----.

4. Women were held great---- during the Cholas reign.

5. Nanniah and Tikkana Telugu scholars translated the--- into Telugu.  


III. Match the Words:

1. Basava                                    Advaita Philosophy

2. Shankracharya                       Lingayata sect

3. Ramanuja                                Bhakti Movement

4. Madhava                                  Bhakti Movement


IV. Write True or False for each statement



1. Kamban translated the Ramayana into Tamil language.

2. The Cholas rulers had a powerful navi.



3. Mahenderavarman built a new town called Gangaikonda.



4. The Chola kingdom was not divided into provinces.



1. Locate the extent of Pallays, Pandyas and Cholas kingdoms on the outline map of India.

2. Paste the pictures of Abu, Khujraho, Mahabalipuram, Kanchi and Tanjore in your note book.