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Class-VII Chapter-2 Trains (Poem)


Class-VII Chapter-2 Trains (Poem)


Activity -1

 1. Passenger-(noun) ਯਾਤਰੀ. 2. precious (adj) ਕੀਮਤੀ 3. mail (noun) ਮੇਲ 4.freight (adj) ਭਾੜੇ 5. Dusk (noun) ਸ਼ਾਮ 6.dawn (noun) ਸਵੇਰ 7. without (preposition) ਬਿਨਾ (verb) ਫੇਲ 








auto bus







Activity 3 Write answers to the following questions:


1. What places do the trains go to?

 Ans- Trains go over the mountains, plains and rivers

2. What do they carry?

Ans- Trains carry passengers and mails. They also bring the precious loads which belong to the passengers.

3. Why does the poet call passengers and mail as "precious loads"?

Ans- The poet call passengers and mail as "precious loads" because both human lives and their possessions are important.

4. Where do the trains run?

Ans-Trains run through days and nights. They cover the mountains, plains and rivers.

5. What are freight cars?

Ans- Freight cars refer to the trains here. Freight cars carry a lot of load.


Activity 4 Read the following lines and answer the questions that follow:


Through day and darkness,

Through dusk and dawn.


1. What do the above lines refer to?

Ans- The above lines refer to the constant working of the trains.

2. What do the 'day and darkness' and 'dusk and dawn' in the poem tell the Readers?

Ans- The 'day and darkness' and 'dusk and dawn' in the poem tell the readers that the trains remain very regular ignoring day and night , early morning and late evening.


Activity 5 Complete the sentences given below with 'so' or 'because'.


 1. My dog was hungry so it stole biscuits from the shelf.

 2. I am feeling sleepy because I am very tired.

 3. Babli bought new clothes because she wanted to wear them on Diwali.

 4. It was raining, so my books got wet.

 5. He did not study hard, so he failed the test.

6. I asked for directions because I was lost.

7. I did not clean the room, so it became dirty.

 8. I met with an accident because I was driving fast.

 9. Deepa went to the doctor because she was feeling sick.

10. Mohan did not help Sohan because he was not well.


 Activity 6 (Answers)

Combine the sentences given below using 'although' and 'yet


1. Although my dog was hungry, yet it did not eat biscuits.

 2. Although he is very sleepy, yet he is watching a movie.

3. Although Babli wanted to wear new clothes on Diwali, yet she did not buy them.

 4. Although it was raining, yet I did not take an umbrella.

 5. Although he did not study hard, yet he passed the test.

 6. Although I was lost, yet I did not ask for directions.

 7. Although my room was dirty, yet I did not clean the room.

 8. Although I was ill, yet I did not go to the doctor.

 9. Although Mohan and Sohan were friends, yet Mohan did not help Sohan.

10. Although I went to the market, yet I did not buy anything