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20. India in the Eighteenth Century


20. India in the Eighteenth Century


I. Answer the following questions.

1. Name any four regional powers which rose in the 18th century.

2. List the later Mughals given in the chapter.

3. Give an account of the rise of Avadh in 18th century.

4. How did the Sikhs rise to power in the 18th century?

5. How did Hyder All and Tipu Sultan make Mysore powerful?

6. Discuss the role of Shiva ji in establishing the Maratha Empire.

II. Fill in the blanks:

1. Muhammad Shah ruled from------. 

2. Murshid gall Khan was the------ of Bengal and Orissa.

3. Hyder All was the ruler of-----. 

4. Saadat Khan became the Subedar of Avadh------ A.D.

5. Shiva ji was the founder of--------- empire.

6. Gokul was the leader of--------. 

7. Banda Singh Bahadur's original name was-----. 

III. Write True or False for each statement.

1. Farrukhsiyar became the ruler of Delhi.

2. Murshid Quli Khan was the Subedar of Avadh.

3. Nizam-ul-Malik founded the state of Hyderabad.

4. Shiva ji was succeeded by his brother Raja Ram.

5. Bala ji Rao became the third Peshwa in 1740 A.D.

6. Badhan Singh was the successor of Gokul.

7. Banda Singh Bahadur established a Sikh State in Punjab.

IV. Match the Columns



Column B

1. Bahadur Shah

a. died in 1739 A.D.

2. Shuja-ud-din

b. April 20th 1627 A.D.

3. Hyder All

c. died in 1712 A.D.

4. Tipu Sultan was known

d. as the Tiger of Mysore.

5. Shiva ji was born

e. died in 1782 A.D.

6. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

f. on 27 October, 1670 A.D. founded Khalsa Panth

7 Banda Singh Bahadur was born


g. in 1699 A.D.




On the outline map of India, mark the extent of Kingdoms that declared themselves independent during the Mughal empire in the 18th century.