Tuesday 22 December 2020

24. Media and Democracy


24. Media and Democracy

I. Answer the following questions in 1-15 words.

1. What is the relationship between media and advertising?

 2. Write name of the electronic means of advertisement.

3. What do you mean by the Right to information?

4. What do you know about advertisement?

5. How many types of advertisements are there?

6. What are the main objectives of advertising?

7. What do you mean by social advertisement?

II. Answer the following questions in 50-60 words.

1. What do you mean by commercial advertising?

2. What techniques are used by the advertisers to shape Public attitude towards their products?

3. Give name of some social advertisements.

4. What is the need of regulations in advertisement?

5. What ethics are required to be followed by the media?

III. Fill in the following blanks:

1. Media is the-------   to inform the people about the shortcomings of the existing system.

2. Main role of Media is to provide---------. 

3.  -----means to fulfill one's responsibilities properly.

4. Advertising is different on the basis of their 

5. To increase the---------   of the product is one of the main objective of commercial advertisement.

IV. True/False:

1. Various means to communicate information and ideas to a group of people is called media.





2. Press is known as the light-house of democracy.


3. Types of Advertisement-Commercial advertisement and Social advertisement.

V. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Write Name of the electronic means of Media?

(1) Newspapers (2) Magazine (3) Television

2. Name the main types of advertisements.

(1) Two (2) Four (3) Six

3. In which country Press is known as light-house of Democracy?

(1) Afghanistan (2) India (3) China


Paste five pictures of some social advertisements on a chart paper and write 5 sentences each about their importance.