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26. Role of Market/Bazaar


26. Role of Market/Bazaar


I. Answer the following questions in 1-15 words:

1. What do you mean by market/bazar? What is its importance?

2. How Retail Market help to fulfill our daily needs?

3. What do you mean by trade?

 4. Give three factors which effects people's accessibility to the market.

5. What is the significance of retail market?

6. Between whom the retailers act as a link?

II. Answer the following questions in 50-60 words:-

1. What are the functions of the wholesale market?

2. What are the functions of a retail market?

3. How wholesale market help to market help to make products available to the consumer?

4. On what basis the retailers are classified?

5. Why the wholesaler try to keep in mind the market trends?

6. What role middleman plays in the grain, vegetable and fruit market?

III. Fill in the following blanks:

1.   -----is the place where Sellers and Purchaser meet each other.

2.   -------play as a link between the producer and consumer.

3.   -------is related to sale and Purchase of Products.

4. Wholesaler keep a on the Market trends.

5. Retailer act as between the producer and consmer.

6. Where we buy wheat is known as Mandi.

7. Fresh vegetables and fruits are being brought by the------ near us.

IV. True/False:

1. Market is a place, where the things of daily needs are available.

2. The big retailer purchase items in less number for supply to its consumer directly.

 3. After purchasing the goods, the wholesaler tags prices on every item.

V. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What do you mean by the sellers of goods?

 (1) Salesman (2) Purchaser (3) Customer

2. How many types of trades are there in Indian Society?

(1) Three (2) Two (3) Four 3. Who was as a middleman in Market/Bazaar?

(1) Customer (2) Retailer trader (3) Wholesale trader