Tuesday 22 December 2020

4. Atmosphere and Temperature


4. Atmosphere and Temperature

I. Answer the following questions in about 1-15 words.

1. What do you understand by the Atmosphere?

2. Why we study Atmosphere in Geography?

3. Name the layers of Atmosphere.

4. Which is called Thopopause limit.

5. What do you understand by Exosphere?

6. What are the elements other than the gases present in the atmosphere.

7. What is air pollution?

8. What is temperature and what are the unit of measuring the temperature.

9. Why is the temperature very high on the equator?

10. Why there is difference in day time and night time temperature?

11. Why temperature of Shimla is lower than that of Chandigarh?

II. Give answers to the following question in about 50-60 words.

1. What are the main factors that cause air pollution.

2. What we call the lower layer of the atmosphere?

3. Write the ratio of main gases in the air

 4. In which layer of the atmosphere the ozone gas exist. Why is it so important.

III. Give answer to the following question in approximately 125-130 words.

1. Explain in detail the layers of atmosphere.

2. Explain in detail the factors affecting the temperature of a place.

 IV. Fill in the blanks.

1. As we go up to the hills the temperature-------. 

2. The main sources of the temperature are---- and------.

3. The ozone gas absorbs----- rays.

4. The electrically charged particles are found in---- layer.

5. The wireless communication system works under---- waves.

6.   -----gas is found in maximum quantity in atmosphere.


1. What rules should be followed to avoid air pollution, prepare a chart and put it in your classroom. 2. Draw a diagram of Atmosphere showing different layers.