Tuesday 22 December 2020

16. Towns, Traders and Craftsman


16. Towns, Traders and Craftsman

I. Answer these questions.

1. Name any four pilgrimage centres.

 2. Write names of any two capital towns of Mughal empire.

3. Which Guru laid the foundation of Amritsar and When?

4. Where the Surat is situated?

II. Fill in the Blanks.

1. Amritsar was founded by---------.

2. From 1585 to--------, Lahore was the capital of Akbar's Empire.

3. Surat is a-------. 

4. Nankana Sahib is situated in--------. 

5. India had many port-------. 

III. Write true or false against the each statement.


1. Mahenjodaro was a capital city of Indus valley people.


2. In 1629, Shah Jahan made a new capital in Delhi.



3. Surat was an important pilgrimage centre.



4. Fatehpur Sikri was capital town of Mughals.



5. Delhi was a commercial town in medieval period.



1. Make a list of the following (four each).

a. Capital towns. b. Port towns. c. Commercial towns. d. Pilgrimage centres.