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22. Democracy - Representative Institutions


22. Democracy - Representative Institutions


I. Answer the following questions in 1-15 words.

1. What do you mean by Universal Adult Franchise?

 2. Explain two stages of election process in India. 3. Which government is known as representative government?

4. What is the importance of representation in Democracy?

5. Who is authorised to cast vote in India?

6. What is the difference between general-election and mid-term election?

7. What is the difference between two-party system and multi-party system?

II. Answer the following questions in 50-60 words.

1. What is the importance of representative system?

2. What is a secret ballot paper? What is its importance?

3. Write a short note on the importance of opposition party in democracy?

4. Write the functions of the political party.

5. Write any two functions of the opposition party.

6. Give any two policies of Indian National Congress.

7. What is the importance of election in democracy?

II. Fill In the blanks:

1. There is------ democracy in India.

2. An independent institution which conduct elections in our country is known as--------. 

3. An adult of years has right to vote in India.

4.  ----------and------ country has dual party system.

5. One citizen one vote is based on the principle of--------. 

IV. True / False:


1. In India, now adulthood is attained by the age of 18 years.



2. In India, there is two party system.



3. The opposition not merely criticise the government in Parliament and State Legislature but it also helps to formulate the Public Opinion.

V. Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What is the age of adulthood in India?

(1) 18 Years

(2) 24 Years

(3) 22 Years

2. For how many years Lok Sabha members are elected?

(1) Four Years

(2) Two Years

(3) Five Years

3. When was Indian Nation Congress established?

(1) 1920

(2) 1885

(3) 1960



1. Write name of the President of the party in power and opposition party in your state.

2. Write the name of M.L.A. of your constituency and discuss with your teacher the development work done by him in your area.