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Chapter- 1 Rent For water


Chapter- 1 Rent For water


Activity 1.

1. arguing (verb) ਬਹਿਸ 2.draw (verb) ਬਾਹਰ ਕਰਨਾ 3. Bowing (verb) ਝੁਕਣਾ   4.pleaded (verb) ਬੇਨਤੀ ਕੀਤੀ   5.justice ਨਿਆਂ 



1. Today I will have butter on my bread instead of jam. 2. By mistake Sahib went to the railway station instead of the airport to pick up his friend. 3. I want to buy Samsung mobile instead of Apple. 4. I wore blue socks instead of red. 5. Rajinder had fresh cream instead of custard.




Q1.Why did the farmer buy the well?

Ans. The farmer bought the well to water his fields.


Q2.Who did he buy it from?

Ans. He bought it from his neighbour.


Q3.What was the argument between the farmer and his neighbor about?

 Ans. The farmer's neighbour did not allow him to draw water saying that he sold the well not its water.


Q4.Where did they go to solve the issue?

 Ans. They went to the court of the king Krishna Dev Rai.


Q5.What did the king do to solve their case?

 Ans. He handed this case to Tenali Raman, the wisest minister of his court to solve it.


Q6.How did Tenali Raman solve this case?

Ans. He told the neighbour of the farmer to pay rent to the farmer for keeping water in his well.




1. Farmer 2. Well 3 Farmer and his neighbour 4. King 5. neighbour




 1. The issue was about the water of the well. 2. The farmer was looking sad as his neighbour did not allow him to draw the water from the well. 3. His argument was about the possession of the water inside the well. 4. He told the neighbour of the farmer to pay rent to the farmer for keeping water in his well. He even told the neighbour to give two gold coins as rent to the farmer.




  1. I felt (pain) when the surgeon put the stitches on my arm.

2. I fell in (love) with that little puppy. 

3. After (lunch) Seema went to the market.

 4. My mom will pick me up from school every (week).

 5. My kitten jumped upon the table and ate the cake.

6. Sanya's (childhood) was (painful).

 7. I have full (trust) in my maid.

 8. She is planting flowers in the garden.

 9. That girl is very beautiful.

 10. A dog is a loyal animal.



1. An army of soldiers 2. A bouquet of flowers 3. A bunch of grapes. 4, a company of actors. 5. A colony of frogs. 6. A deck of cards 7. A Fleet of ships 8. A flock of sheep 9. A herd of cattle 10.a lounge of lizards 11. A pack of wolves.12. a swarm of bees. 13. A litter of rabbits 14. A range of mountains 15. A pride of lions 15. A school of fish