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Class-VII Chapter-3 Birbal's Khichdi


Class-VII Chapter-3 Birbal's Khichdi


 Activity: 1


  1. Glowing: adj 2.starving: verb 3. Frozen: verb 4. Extreme: adj 5.deserve: verb 6 consider: verb 7.warmth: noun 10. Brahmin: noun


Activity: 2 Now let us look at some words from the story and see how we can break them. In the word 'impossible', im- is a prefix and in the word 'national' -al is a suffix.

 1. frozen=n as suffix

2. return=re as prefix

3. extremely= ly as sufix

4. disappointed=ed as suffix

 5. shivering=ing as suffix

6. wisest=st as suffix

7. realize=re as prefix

8. looking =ing as suffix


 Activity: 3 Write answer to the following questions:


1 What time of the year was it in the story?

Ans: It was the time of winter in the story.

2: What had happened to the ponds and lakes?

Ans: The ponds and lakes near Akbar's place were all frozen.

 3: What did Akbar want to know?

Ans: Akbar wanted to know if a man could do anything for money.

4: Why did the Brahmin accept Akbar's challenge?

 Ans: He was extremely poor. His family was starving and he needed money.

 5: How much money did Akbar agree to give to the brahmin?

 Ans: Akbar agreed to give him two thousand gold coins.


Activity 4: Who said to whom?


 1. Stand inside the frozen pond all through the night without any clothes and I will give you two thousand gold coins.

Ans: Akbar said this to the Brahmin.

2. How could you stand in the frozen pond in such n extreme temperature?

Ans: Akbar said this to the Brahmin.

3. Oh Brahmin, you have cheated me.

Ans: Akbar said this to the Brahmin.

4. Your majesty, it is impossible to get the warmth from the lights glowing so far away!

Ans. Birbal said to Akbar.

5. Birbal. I considered you to be the wisest in the country, but you have proved me wrong.

 Ans: Akbar said to Birbal.


Activity 5:  What do you understand about Birbal in the story?

 Ans: Birbal was the wisest courtier in Akbar's court. He had solved several problems with his intelligence. He was very popular in the kingdom. He had a helping nature and he never made Akbar do injustice with any person.


 Activity 7

 Divide the following words into two parts. The first has been done for you:


1. Mainly= main + ly

2. generally=general+ly

3. aptly=apt+ly

 4. sternly=stern+ly

 5. normally=normal+ly

 6. suddenly=Sudden+ly

 7. carefully=careful+ly

 8. rarely=rare+ly


Activity 8: fill in the Blanks:


 1: Akbar spoke sternly with the brahmin.

 2: The exam was fairly easy.

 3: Birbal was truly wise.

 4: You should certainly take leave from work.

5. The student sat quietly after the teacher scolded him.


Activity 9 The following exercise will help you to understand how Adverbs of Frequency work. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence:


 1. I             late on weekends.

 a. get up usually

b. get usually up

c. usually get up

d. up get usually


2. My father            late for work.

 a. never is

 b. is never

 c. are never

d. were never


 3. How            on weekends?

 a. often do you travel

 b. do you often travel

c. often you do travel

d. often does you travel


4. Tim            early for class.

a. often is

b. are often

c. often are

d. is often


5. When do you           go on vacation each year?

 a. always

b. never

c. usually

d. ever