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Chapter-8 An Earthquake


Chapter-8 An Earthquake


Activity 1 

1. trembling-noun

2. confirmed-verb

 3. crashing down-verb

4. stood tall-verb

5. fragmented-verb

 6. crawls-verb

 7. rubble-noun

 8. debris-noun

9. cosy-adj

10. tombs-noun

11. expansion-noun


 Activity 2 Write five pairs of rhyming words from the poem:


 1. _________awake_________ shake

 2. __________down_________ town

 3. _____________found__________ ground

4.  ___________fake______ quake

5. __________debris________ trees


 Activity 2 Look at the picture on the previous page and make a list of all the natural as well as man-made disasters.


Natural disasters

 1. Cyclones 2.Landslides 3. Drought 4.Earthquakes 5.Epidemics


 Man-made disasters

  1. Terrorism 2.bomb-explosion 3.industrial accidents 4.pollution 5.war


 Activity 4: Answer the question below


1. What is the poem about?

 Ans: The poem is about an earthquake.

2. What happened as the poet lay awake?

Ans: His bed began to shake.

 3. How did the poet come to know about the earthquake?

 Ans: the poet came to know about the quake that everything was shaking.

4. What confirmed the poet's fear about the quake?

 Ans: the trembling fan confirmed the quake.

5. What happened after the quake?

Ans: After the quake the houses, roads, parks and trees turned into debris and fell on the ground.


 Activity 5: Explain the meaning:


 1: Kissing and talking to the ground.

Explanation: Everything the houses, roads, parks and trees which stood tall a moment ago were turned into debris and laid on the ground.

2: Some of which have now become tombs

 Explanation: Some living beings like human and animals have also been died and buried under the debris.


 Activitv6 Choose suitable prepositions from the box to fill in the given blanks. The first one is done for you.


 on to from infront of

with at into behind for



1. There are trees in front of our house.

 2. Look at the blackboard.

3. Keep the bags on the table.

 4. The boy is looking for an answer.

 5. We went by bus to Amritsar.

 6. He travelled with me from Chandigarh to Patiala.

7. The girl stood behind the bench.

 8. Look into the bags for our papers.

 9. Go with Sameer to the market.

10. Run to call the man.


 Activity 7 Using the words followed by preposition, make sentences of your own. The first one is done for you.


 interfere with, fit for, confident of, sorry for, mix with

 make fun of, prays at, acted upon, bent on, superior to


1. I do not let my music lessons interfere with my studies.

 2. I am confident of my success.

 3. He is sorry for his misbehavior.

4. Don't mix with bad boys

5. Don't make fun of the poor.

6. He prays at the temple.

 7. He acted upon my advice.

 8. He is bent on joining his old school.

 9. You are superior to me.


Activity 9: Listen to your teacher regarding an earthquake and fill in the blanks:


 1: The earth is creaking and rattling.

 2: Books are falling from the bookcase.

 3: The fans are swinging.

4: The bookcase has fallen on the floor.

 5: The houses are rattling.

 6: There are noises / cries outsides

 7: A car alarm is blowing.

 8: Dogs are barking.

 9: A baby is crying.

 10: People are shouting

 11: The quake is making temple bells ring.

 12: There are cracking sounds from bricks falling to the ground.

13: Trees branches are swaying.

14. Drop, take over and hold on to an object.

 15. Stay in the Drop, take over and hold on position under your desk