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Class-VII Chapter-9 A Treasure Hunt


Class-VII Chapter-9 A Treasure Hunt




 1. ancient-adj

2. mounted-verb

3. treasure-adj

 4. set off-verb

 5. thrilling- adj

 6. set across-verb

 7. huddled-verb

8. braved-verb

9. skillfully-adverb

10. realized-verb




1. Ans: The word 'They' refers to the lion and Sagar

 2. Ans: The word 'They' refers to the valley.

 3. Ans: The word 'You' refers to sheep.

 4. Ans: The 'You' refers to the camel.

5. Ans: The four are Sagar, the lion, the eagle and the sheep.

 6. Ans: The word ‘Them' refers to the lion, the eagle, the sheep, the turtle and Sagar.

7. Ans: The word 'Treasure' refers to friendship they made.



 1. Ans: Sagar found a treasure map in an ancient book in the library.

 2. Ans: He planned to find the treasure.

3. Ans: He went to the forest first. He met a lion there.

 4. Ans: Sagar felt scared in the forest as the forest was dense and dark.

5. Ans: They went to the mountain from the forest.

 6. Ans: Sagar asked the eagle to join him and the lion as it had an excellent eye-sight.

7. Ans: They met the sheep in the valley.

8. Ans: The sheep would keep them warm when it would be cold

 9. Ans: It helped them get across the desert.

10. Ans: The turtle swam skillfully and the took them across the ocean.




Ans: The owl wanted to tell that friendship is the real treasure in the world.




1. Noun 2. Adj 3. Verb 4.Verb. 5. Noun 6. Adj 7.Verb 8. Noun 9. Adj 10. Verb 11. Adj 12. Noun 13. Adj 14. Noun 15. Verb