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Class-VII Chapter-7 The Princess Who Never Smiled


Class-VII Chapter-7 The Princess Who Never Smiled

Activity -1

1. princess-noun

2. journey-noun

3. amuse-verb

4. scarce-adjective

5. tricks-noun

6. nervous-adj

7. clown-noun

8. appeared-verb

9. mime-noun

10. magician-noun

Activity 2 Rearrange the jumbled words given in capitals on the right side to mean the following:

1. the daughter of a king princess

2. to entertain amuse

3. a skillful act trick

4. a joker clown

5. a place where kings live palace

6. a performance with no words mime

7. king's courtier minister

8. not enough scarce

9. frightened and tensed nervous

10. become visible appear


Activity 3

1. Why was the king worried about Tanya, the princess?

Ans: He was worried because Tanya never smiled.

2: What did he do to amuse his daughter?

Ans: He called a magician and a clown to amuse his daughter.

3: What did the magician do?

Ans: He showed the princess some tricks.

4: What did the clown do?

Ans: He did a mime to make her laugh.

5: What did the king do when the princess did not smile?

Ans: He made an announcement that whoever would make her smile would be allowed to marry her.

6: Who was Ivan?

Ans: Ivan was a poor boy who worked for a farmer.

7: What did Ivan want?

Ans: He wanted to take a chance to make the princess smile.

8: Who all did he meet on his way to the princess?

Ans: He met a fish, a mouse and a grasshopper on his way to the princess.

9: What did they want?

Ans: They all wanted new homes to live, hence he needed money.

10: What did Ivan give each of them?

Ans: He gave each of them a gold coin.

11. Where was the princess?

Ans: She was standing by her window.

12: What was she doing?

Ans: She was watching everything from her window.

13. What happened when Ivan fell into a hole?

Ans: The fish, the mouse and the grasshopper pulled him out.

14: Why did she start laughing?

Ans: Seeing the fish, the mouse and the grasshopper pulling him out, she started laughing.

15: What did the king do?

Ans: The King kept his promise and the princess married Ivan.


Activity 4 Select the correct option and fill it in the given blank:

1. Princess Tanya was a pretty girl but she did not _________ .

a. smile

b. walk

c. speak

2. The King called _________ to amuse her.

a. a magician

b. a clown

c. a magician and a clown

3. The farmer gave Ivan three _________ coins.

a. silver

b. copper

c. gold

4. Ivan met a _________ first of all.

a. mouse

b. fish

c. grass-hopper

5. Ivan gave _________ to the mouse.

a. one coin

b. two coins

c. three coins

6. The princess was standing by her_________ .

a. window

b. garden

c. tower

7. Ivan fell into a _________ .

a. river

b. lake

c. hole

8. The princess laughed on seeing the small animals _________ the fish, the mouse and the grass-hopper trying to _________ Ivan to save him.

a. pull up

b. push down

c. push away