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Class-VII Chapter-10 A Hole in the Fence


Class-VII Chapter-10 A Hole in the Fence



1. Fence-noun

2. Advised-verb

3. Control-verb

4. Hammer-verb & noun

5. Accept-verb

6. Decrease-noun

7. Discover-noun

8. Temper-noun

9. Scar-noun

10. Wound-noun



1. Q-Why did the boy have no friends?

Ans: The boy had no friends because he always used bad language in a fit of anger.

2. Q-Why were his parents worried?

Ans- His parents were worried because he had a bad temper.

3. Q-What task did his father give him to do?

Ans: His father advised him to hammer the nail into the back of the fence every time he lost his anger.

4. Q-How did it help the boy?

Ans-He realized that it was easier to control the anger than to drive the nail into the fence.

5. Q-What did his father tell him after he had taken out all the nails?|

Ans: The father told him that the fence would never be the same as before.

6. Q-What is the moral of the story?

Ans: The moral of the story is that we have to be careful with our words if we don’t want to lose our friends.



1. False 2.true 3.false 4. false 5. true



1. disliked 2. He used bad language 3. Task to give him 4. Drive a nail into the fence 5. Teach



1. Lions are ferocious animals.

2. My grandparents love me a lot.

3. Rajan is my best friend.

4. Mercury is the hottest planet in the solar system.

5. The Ganges is a sacred river.



1. I saw a big building.2.My chair was broken. 3. I dance in the evening. 4. I go for a walk in the forest. 5. I have a dictionary.



Interrogative 2. Declarative 3. Declarative 4. Imperative 5. Exclamatory 6.

Interrogative 7. Imperative 8. Exclamatory 9. Declarative 10.imperative