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Class-VII Chapter-4 A Glass of Milk


Class-VII Chapter-4 A Glass of Milk


Activity: 1


 1. complicated (adj) 2. diagnose (verb) (noun) 4.attention (noun) 5. Struggle (noun& Verb) 6. Discuss (verb)


Activity 2: Find suffixes

1: Complicated           'd'

2: Hesitatingly           'ly'

3: Warmly           'ly

4: Stronger           'er'

5: Goodness           'ness'


 Activity 3: Fill in the blanks


 1. The two brothers distributed the sweets between themselves.

 2. Radha came and sat beside her mother.

 3. The four thieves quarrelled among themselves.

 4. I have three other pens besides this.

 5. Besides advising them, he gave them money.

6. A beggar was sitting beside the temple gate.


Activity 4: Read the play carefully and write the answers:


                                                 Scene 1


 1. Count and write the number of characters in scene 1 of the play.

Ans: There are two characters in scene-

2. What are their names?

Ans: They are namely Boy: Howard Kelly and Lady: Anita

3. What is the time?

Ans: It is a hot afternoon.

 4. What does the boy say to himself?

Ans: The boy says to himself, "I must sell two more books! How will I give my school fee if I don't sell these books?

 5. Why does he sell books?

 Ans: He sells the books to pay his school fee.

 6. Why does he ring the bell?

Ans: He wants to ask water from the next house

 7. Who opens the door?

 Ans: A lady opens the door.

8. What does he request the Lady for?

Ans: He requests the lady to buy one of the books he sells.

9. What does the Lady give him?

Ans: The lady gives him a glass of milk and some money.

10. How much money does the Lady give the boy for the book?

Ans: The lady gives him 5 pounds for the book.


                                                        Scene 2


1. Count and write the number of characters in scene 2 of the play.

 Ans: Two characters are there in scene 2 of the play.

2. What is the profession of the characters of this scene?

Ans: Both the characters are the doctors.

3. Why had the Lady come to this hospital?

Ans: The lady was advised by some local doctors to consult that hospital.

 4. How did the Lady get ill?

 Ans: The lady had food poisoning that got complicated. Even her liver had got affected.

 5. What kind of treatment did she need?

 Ans: She needed immediate surgery.


                                                      Scene 3


 1. How much time did the patients get to pay the bill, as per the rules?

Ans: As per the hospital rules, the patients need to pay the bill in two days.

2. Why did the Lady get worried?

 Ans: The lady was worried about the bill of the hospital as it was too much.

3. Why did the Lady have tears in her eyes?

Ans: The lady had tears when she read the bill marked with the words: Paid in full years ago with a glass of milk'.

4. Why did she not have to pay the bill?

Ans: Her bill had been cancelled by Dr. Howard Kelly.

 5. Who had paid the bill? Why?

 Ans: Dr. Howard Kelly had paid the bill as the lady had offered him a glass of milk a few years ago

6. Why was the Lady happy in the end?

Ans: The lady was happy in the end as her bill had been exempted due to her goodness.


Activity 5

Now, complete the following sentences by choosing the correct comparative form of the words given in the brackets:


 1. Australia is the largest island in the world. (large, larger, largest)

2. The class test was easier than we had expected. (easy, easier, easiest)

3. The elephant has the longest trunk. (long, longer, longest)

 4. Kilimanjaro in Africa is taller than Mont Blanc in Europe. (tall, taller, tallest)

 5. The white dog was the greediest of all. (greedy, greedier, greediest)


Activity 6 Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of comparison of the adjective. Use the adjective given in the brackets:

1. Shyam is heathier than Karan. Neil is the healthiest of them all. (healthy)

 2. My room is neater than yours. (neat)

3. Pole star is the brightest star. (bright)

4. The sweets I ate at this sweetshop are more delicious than any other sweets I have ever eaten. (delicious)

 4. Is the Prime Minister more powerful than the President? (powerful)