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Class-VII Chapter-6 Mountaineers


Class-VII Chapter-6 Mountaineers


 Activity: 1 


1. sea-level- noun

2. achievement-noun

3. feat-noun

4. climber-noun

 5. mountaineer-noun

6. summit- noun

 7. scale- verb

 8. expedition-noun

9. felicitated-verb

10. dedicated-adj & verb

11. trek- noun

12. acclimatization-noun

 13. starved-verb

 14. deter-verb

15. adventurous-adj


Activity 3: Answer the questions given below:


 1: Who was the first Indian to climb Everest?

Ans: The first Indian to climb Everest was Captain Avatar Singh Cheema.

2: Who led the 1965 Indian Expedition to Mount Everest?

 Ans: Commander M S Kohli led the 1965 Indian Expedition to Mount Everest.

 3: When did the first Indian reach the peak?

Ans: The first Indian reached the peak on May 20, 1965.

 4: Which awards did Capt. Cheema receive?

 Ans: He received 'Arjuna' and 'Padma Shri' awards.

 5: What is the Oxygen- starved area of the mountains called?

 Ans: It is called 'Death Zone'.


Activity-4 Choose the most appropriate option from the given four:


1. The highest point on the planet is________.  

(a) Kanchenjunga (b) Mount Everest

 (c) Kilimanjaro (d) K2

 2. The height of Mount Everest above sea-level is_______.

  (a) 30,102 feet (b) 29,000 feet

 (c) 29,028 feet (d) 20,196 feet

3. The first people to stand on top of Mount Everest were_______.

  (a) Kohli (b) Sir Edmund Hillary

(c) Tenzing Norgay (d) Both (b) & (c)

 4. The first Indian to summit Mount Everest was_______.

(a) Kohli (b) Tenzing Norgay

 (c) Sir E. Hillary (d) Colonel Avtar Singh Cheema

 5. Colonel Avtar Singh Cheema was the_______ person in the world to scale the peak.

(a) 20th (b) 16th

(c) 1st (d) 3rd

6. Both Cheema and Kohli were felicitated by the Indian Government with____.

(a) Nishan-e-Khalsa (b) Dronacharya Award

(c) Vir Award (d) Arjuna Award

7. A postage stamp was dedicated to the success of the______ Everest Expedition.

(a) 1933 (b) 1965

 (c) 1989 (d) 1970

8. The route between 26,000-29,020 feet is called the______.

 (a) last zone (b) upper zone

 (c) death zone (d) middle zone




 1. Do you know that girl? Do you know her?

 2. My sister and I have enough food. They can all share.

 3. Raj and Reema are late. They should hurry.

4. He gave me a beautiful gift. I really like it.

 5. Buffalos are very big so they eat a lot of food.

 6. My sister is studying hard because she has a test tomorrow.

 7. Are you okay? Can I help you?

 8. My new neighbours are very helpful. I really like them.

 9. I want to read my book. Where did you keep it?

10. I'm busy right now. Could you please call me after an hour?

11. He gave me a pen but I lost it.

13. We gave money to the shopkeeper and he gave us milk.

 14. I don't eat junk food because it isn't healthy.

 15. Who is she? Do you know her name?