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Food and water are an integral part of human life. - Anonymous

1.1 Introduction

Dear children, we often feel some changes in ourselves fatigue, restlessness, weakness and mood Swings. The reason behind such frequent changes is improper utilization of food and water in our lifestyle. Food and water are our basic necessities, without which we cannot survive. We need to respect food and water to empower the engine of our body. To live a happy life, to conserve natural resources and to maintain the feeling of belongingness. By paying respect to food and water and by understanding its importance, we would become thankful, disciplined, healthy, empathetic and helpful in need.



See how much respect you pay to food and water.

Answer yes or no to the following questions.


S. No.

Ways to respect to food and water




I thank God with folded hands before eating food.




I am grateful to my parents for providing me with nutritious food and water.




I put only required quantity of food on my plate.




I don't think it's good to leave remnants of food in the plate.




I eat merrily.




I share my food and water with others/ needy.




I thank my food donor/ bestower, farmer.




I always try to save water.




I try to save water while brushing my teeth.




I consider it my duty to preserve rainwater.




Give yourself a score as follows.

Yes = 02 points,   No = 01 points   Total points = 20

Your Score=


Based on the scores obtained, state that:


a) Do you value food and water?


b) What measures do you take to save food and water?


c) Why do you help the needy with food and water?


1.2 Change your thinking to change the world

Dear children, you would remember that curfew / lockdown was imposed due to Novel Corona Virus. Many people around the world were dying of hunger and thirst. They couldn't step out of their homes to satisfy their hunger. During this crisis, many difficulties were encountered but some helpful and compassionate hearts served humanity and set an example of brotherhood and patriotism by giving essential items like fruit and vegetables to the needy. Admittedly, this stage of life made everyone realize the true value of food and water, and has reduced the wastage .Virtue and morality has now become a part of humanity. It has also created the sense of assistance in everyone.


Discuss the following five questions with your teacher.


a) Did you meet the good people who were committed to the religion of humanity'? If so, are you grateful to them? If not, why?

b) How can we help each other in times of natural disasters?


c) Have you endeavoured to save food and water during this time? If so, how?


Dear children, Novel Corona virus has made it clear that we can live without luxuries but not without food and water. They are an important part of human life. So we should pay respect to food and water. Such values promote goodness in the society and help in building prosperous nation. So, we must value food and water at all times and at all places.


1.3. Think and Answer

a) List any five ways by which you can save food and water.






b) Food and water are our basic necessi- ties. A student in your class Wastes food and water. How would you ex- plain to him/ her the value of food and water?

c) You should thank the people who provide you food and water. (True / False)

d) Water is a precious gift of nature. We must all come forward to conserve it. Let's understand its importance through an activity.

Strike out the wrong choice.

1. Water the plants

2. Leave the tap open while taking bath.

3. Use of rain water.

4. Protect water from contamination.

6. Use less water when washing dishes.

5. Spraying with water pipe.

e) We must help not only humans but also birds and animals, which have been the tradition of our country for centuries. Feeding the birds is a way of expressing gratitude to nature. (True / False)


Let's see what has been imbibed in us.

Dear children, there is no age to learn. We can learn from anything, anyone and anywhere. Hence we can adopt good habits and ethics. Paying respect to food and water is a part of these good habits. You should always be ready and diligent to prevent its wastage and misuse. These habits will help in making your future better.

1. Have you made any changes in yourself? If so, list at least five events in which you valued food and water.






2. Saving water is saving natural resources. What are you doing to reduce water misuse?







4 Activity Time:

a) Make a poster - Water is life.


b) With the help of your teacher, write five slogans expressing the value of food and water.


c) Your parents keep nose to grindstone to provide you with food and water. You should be grateful to them. Make a 'thank you card' for them.


Pledge: I will always respect food and water.


Special suggestions from the Teacher to the student