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Truthfulness and honesty is the backbone of your character.

7.1 Introduction

Dear children, you often wonder what are the reasons / qualities that contribute to creating a distinct identity in a human being. You will be on cloud nine to know that those qualities can be present in you also. These two precious qualities are - truthfulness and honesty. Truthfulness and honesty are the qualities that make a person's character and personality more impressive. They make us good human beings and help in nation building. As a tree from the roots to the leaves is useful to the human beings and animals, so are these qualities in every stage of human life. From cradle to grave, everyone gives the example of a person who is truthful and honest because he is trustworthy and liked by all.

*Use your insight to see how true and honest you are.

Answer yes or no to the following questions.

S. No.





I never steal.




I never tell a lie.




I always do my job honestly.




I never cheat on anyone




My friends trust me a lot.




I usually admit my mistake.




I never cheat in exams.




I always stand with him / her who is honest and truthful.




I am always on the path of goodness.




I deliver the found thing to the concerned person.




Give yourself a score as follows.

Yes = 02 Points,

Total Points = 20

No = 01 Points

Your Score

I will make the following efforts to increase my score in truth and honesty:

7.2 Activity Time:

Instead of showing off, work with honesty because such work is more impressive.

Walking on the path of truth and honesty makes you feel delighted and proud.

Dear children, let us share some incidents:

a) Do you return items, money, or other things you borrowed in need? If yes, then why? if not, then why not?


b) You are walking on the road, suddenly someone's purse / wallet falls down. You pick it up and see, it has a lot of money in it. You also need money, what will you do in such condition?


c) Write the names of the children in your class who are honest. Give an example of their honesty.


d) Write about an event that inculcated in you the quality of truth and honesty.









7.3 Dear children, these are the five rules

(CACAD rules) you have to remember and follow:

1. Conversation: When dealing with anyone- be honest and truthful. It is mandatory to be honest and truthful in each relationship. Only then you can last them forever and live a happy life.

2. Action: Whatever you do, do it honestly and sincerely. Doing so will create your identity unique that will be a source of inspiration for others.

3. Commitment: Always be committed. Try to fulfil your promise to someone honestly and sincerely. This kind of thinking will make you trustworthy in the society.

4. Acceptance: If you inadvertently make a mistake, try not to hide it or repeat it. Be responsible, honest and sincere. Acknowledge your mistake and do your best to correct it. The one who admits his/her mistake becomes great in the eyes of others.

5. Dealings: In everyday life you sometimes deal with many things. Caution, truthfulness, honesty, foresight and transparency used in the interactions, lifts you up in the eyes of all and you get everyone's support.

7.4 Think and answer.

Dear children, when you perceive lies, deception, theft, dishonesty, etc., all around you, it makes you disheartened. You grow enthusiastic to improve others. If you want to make a difference in others, you will have to start with yourself. The qualities you want to see in others, first adopt them and set an example for others. Only then you can change others.

a) Truthfulness and honesty bring transparency and sweetness in relationships. What steps will you take to build a good relationship?


b) Honesty identifies a person. Suppose a student in your class is dishonest. Can you help him/her to be honest? If so, how?



c) Stealing is a crime. Suppose your classmate has a habit of stealing. Would you dare to tell your teacher? If so, how will you help your teacher to change him/ her?



d) Honest and truthful man deserves respect. What qualities should an honest person have?



Your personality traits and ethics:

Dear children, make truth and honesty a part of your personality. People will remember your name for a long time. Only good work, honesty, and truth survive after death.

1. Make a list of the five things you will do to be an honest and truthful child.

a) ________________________________________________________________

b) ________________________________________________________________

c) ________________________________________________________________


2. Make a list of five immoral things you will never do.

a) _______________________________________________________________

b) _______________________________________________________________

c) _________________________________________________________________

d) _______________________________________________________________-

e) ________________________________________________________________


I will always be truthful and honest, and will always walk on the path of truth and honesty.

Special suggestions from the Teacher to the Student